Oxford Advance Floor Hoist

Oxford Advance Floor Hoist


The Oxford® Advance folding mobile patient lift is one of the most functional and stylish in its class today. Especially suited to home care and small nursing institutions where space sometimes is simply not available.

Compact Folding Design: unlike other products on the market, the Advance needs NO tools or special attachments to achieve its compact folded position. This functionality gives active users the option to travel outside the confines of their own home.

The Advance was designed with the five key principles of moving and handling in mind. This direct correlation ensures Oxford’s lift designs are simple, safe and above all comfortable to use:


  • Get close to the load
  • Use a wide stable base
  • Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
  • Keep spine close to neutral
  • Make sure movement is smooth


Safe Working Load: 155kg

Product Code: HF2025