Apollo 5™ AIR Mattress

Apollo 5™ AIR Mattress

Apollo 5™ Premium Replacement Air Mattress

The Apollo 5 Plus replacement mattress consists of a single set of support cells sitting on a covered foam base. The ‘Very High Risk’ mattress also boasts an easy-to-use pump that is both quiet and efficient, reducing complex training.

Supplied with an extremely durable and robust pump that is very easy to use and will offer years of superior service. This Premium Air Flow Mattress is an excellent choice for most care settings. The mattress manually adjusts to the user’s body shape and position to provide the most effective pressure care. Featuring 18 individual cells, this device provides alternating therapy action for lower interface pressures and gentle capillary stimulation. Uniquely designed, this Premium Alternating Pressure Mattress features humidity management to prevent tissue breakdown and skin maceration.

The Mattress is supplied with a zipped PU cover which helps to prevent fluid ingress and internal mattress contamination. The cover can be removed easily for cleaning. To promote optimum hygiene the cover can be simply wiped clean or machine washed up to 95 degrees to aid decontamination. In an emergency, the Apollo Alternating Pressure Mattress has rapid deflation for quick access CPR.


Safe Working Load: 200Kg

Product Code: APH052