Apollo 8™ Airflow Mattress System

Apollo 8™ Airflow Mattress System

This Apollo 8 Airflow Mattress is a highly versatile mattress that can be used as both a static and dynamic mattress.

Featuring 20 ‘figure of 8’ cells it is specially designed for users who are at a Very High Risk of developing pressure ulcers it is also suitable for those that have existing tissue damage (pressure ulcer grade 1 to 4). The static mode offers a stable surface to allow for extremely safe patient transfers and handling.

To ensure optimum comfort and pressure care this Air Flow Mattress manually adjusts to the user’s body shape and position.

As standard the Apollo 8 Alternating Pressure Mattress is supplied with an easy-to-use control box thus reducing the need for complex training. In the case of an emergency the Apollo Air Flow Mattress has a rapid deflation for quick access CPR. This system also includes a waterproof PU cover for enhanced shear and friction protection.


Safe Working Load: 200Kg

Product Code: APH053