Arjo Mesh Clip Sling All Day

Arjo Mesh Clip Sling All Day

The Arjo Mesh Clip Sling All Day is a General-Purpose Sling comes with leg and shoulder straps and can accommodate various seating positions. Intended for the patient to use for longer periods of time, with thinner material that leads to less creases under the patient to assist pressure care.

Safe and comfortable patient sling to use in hospitals, aged care and other healthcare facilities.

General Purpose Slings are easy-to-use and easy to fit.

They are a multi-purpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support.


Product Code: MAA2070M
SWL: 190 kg (based on capacity for XL size, please refer to specifications for SWL per size)
Sizes: S, M, L, LL, XL