Carevo Shower Trolley

Carevo Shower Trolley

The Carevo shower trolley is designed to provide a comfortable shower experience for patients and residents who need to remain in a lying position, while enabling the caregiver to work efficiently and ergonomically.

Key Features:


  • Height-adjustable shower trolley
  • Facilitates improved working posture
  • Clearly marked control panels located on both sides and at the head of the trolley, allowing easy access for the carer
  • The soft surface material and patented Flexi Zone are designed to enhance patient or resident comfort throughout the hygiene routine
  • Comfort handles provide support for the resident or patient
  • Purchase includes: head pillow, battery (x2), battery charger, battery holder, drainage hose, upper drainage, lower drainage


Safe Working Load: 200Kg

Product Code: BAC1113-01

ISO 10535:2006