Configura Comfort Recliner Chair

Configura Comfort Recliner Chair

The Configura Comfort, the only chair whereby Size, Pressure & Postural Support can be adapted quickly & efficiently

The chairs are designed to provide comfortable seating to users with mild to moderate postural requirements, to assist with pressure management care and help to stand or sit users with limited mobility. The higher position of the leg rest when raised is ideal for assisting with swelling and circulation issues in the legs.

The chair offers great adjustability, in 3 different sizes, to ensure the chairs fits the user perfectly.

The Configura Comfort chair is a highly functional and cost-effective innovation. It offers adjustable pillow backrests, lateral supports, and vapour permeable seat and backrest.

The chair is user friendly with an easy-to-use handset and pressure care seating options. It is fully hoist accessible and suitable for varied users at risk of or with current pressure damage.


Safe Working Loads:

Small – 130 KG (Product Code CR5404)

Medium – 160Kg (Product Code CR5406)

Large – 160Kg (Product Code CR5408)