IC111 Essentials Homecare Bed

IC111 Essentials Homecare Bed

  • The IC111 is a low-risk extra mobility option
  • These domestic looking bases offer head lift and knee break
  • Split mattresses with no gap and individual controls
  • Available in split queen and split king sizes
  • Compatible accessories to fulfil your bedroom requirements


Side by Side Co-Sleeping Options with Partner Configurations: partner beds make it easy to include a clients partner in the set-up. Beds can be made for couples to sleep side by side with no gap between mattresses. Choose which side each user sleeps on, and the beds fit together. You simply choose in 3 steps:

1. Choose which model each partner wants.
2. Choose the bed size (long single or king single)
3. Choose which side each partner will be sleeping on.


Safe Working Load Per Side: 200Kg

Product Codes:

IC111LS – Long Single

IC111KS – King Single

IC111Q – Split Queen

IC111K – Split King