Madison Rise and Recline Porter Chair

Madison Rise and Recline Porter Chair

All the benefits of a health rise recliner chair with the additional versatility of large lockable castors for moving people around.

Care Features:

  • Adapt the Madison to different posture needs with six different interchangeable waterfall or lateral back styles.
  • Support different posture requirements and positions with alternative headrests and pillows.
  • Manage specific comfort and pressure management needs with interchangeable seat cushions constructed from a range of specialist pressure care materials.
  • Control infections by choosing from our range of healthcare grade fabrics.
  • Maintain the highest hygiene standards with quick change covers and replacement cushions.
  • Purchase replacement or new support cushions as needed to extend the use of the Madison.
  • As with all our fully adaptable health chairs, the Madison comes with the same flexible choices in pressure care and support, enabling practitioners to design and fit each chair to individual needs and to react quickly to changing needs.

​Design Features:

  • The Push Handle comes with rubber grips and hook for the handset controller.
  • The electric rise Dual Tilt in Space mechanism and recline is controlled by an easy-to-use handset controller.
  • Separate waterfall back cushions can be individually repositioned and adjusted for comfort and support.
  • Back cushions can be removed and replaced with more supportive lateral styles.
  • The seat depth can be adjusted with 1″ or 2″ adjuster pads that fit behind the back cushions.
  • Choose internal seat cushions from a range of pressure care management solutions.
  • The chair is upholstered in a vapour permeable multi-way stretch fabric, to aid pressure care.
  • The fabric is washable at 95°C and available in a range of colours.
  • The Madison comes with four heavy duty lockable castors which can be locked or unlocked to porter.
  • The Madison Chair comes as standard with Battery Backup providing freedom from an electricity supply when in use.

Fabric Options: Repose offer the latest Healthcare Grade fabrics that conform to the highest standards for hygiene and infection control. Options include: Waterproof, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal materials, Crib 5, Bleach cleanable, Vinyl.

This chair is available in a range of bespoke fabric options, please contact our Product Specialists for more information.

Please note that depending on the seat cushion built into the chair the seat height may vary slightly from that shown.