Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Plus

Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Plus

Patients of larger stature have the right to be treated with comfort and dignity. Arjo Maxi Sky 2 Plus makes it possible to deliver this for non-ambulatory plus size patients (up to 454 kg). The Maxi Sky 2 Plus is a patient handling device primarily intended to transfer patients of reduced mobility, to reposition them in bed and for limb support.

The Maxi Sky 2 Plus is designed to assist caregivers in hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care and home care environments, including private homes.

The four-point telescopic spreader bar for plus-size patients is easy to maneuver and provides automatic adjustment to the patient’s size and position.

It can be used to lift, transfer, turn and reposition plus-size patients using the Arjo range of bariatric slings.


Safe Working Load: for patients weighing between 159 kg and to 454 kg.