Apollo Morpheus Air Zero™

Apollo Morpheus Air Zero™

The Morpheus Air Zero is an Advance 4 Zoned Mattress Support System offering both Full Dynamic and Semi Dynamic Therapy. Suitable for all patient risks, offering reactive immersion therapy by means of innovative self-adjusting cell technology which can be converted to dynamic therapy with the addition of a pump when a higher mode of therapy is required. Its 4 zoned design targets specific areas of your body, ensuring highly effective pressure care together with maximum comfort, stability and support.

The Morpheus Air Zero has a multi stretch, vapour permeable cover with an innovative foam topper which works in conjunction with the top cover & is designed to minimize shear and friction increasing comfort and support.

This mattress offers durability and longevity. No need to worry about sagging or losing its shape over time. Experience the benefits of a high-quality mattress that stands the test of time.


Safe Working Load: 250Kg

Product Codes:

APH166Z (Single)

APH166Z/105 (King Single)

APH166ZP (Single with Pump)

APH166Z/105P (King Single with Pump)