OSKA Alto AIR Mattress Series3-V4

OSKA Alto AIR Mattress Series3-V4

OSKA ALTO Series3-V4 is an alternating air, full replacement pressure care mattress

This full replacement pressure care relief system is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure damage up to and including category 4.

The Outer Cover of the OSKA ALTO mattress is made from bi-elastic PU/Polyester coating which is a vapour permeable material and has elastic properties, allowing for interface movement to help lower the risk of shear damage.

Welded Seams: Regular sewn seams are ideal for bacteria to grow in because of all the holes. Welded seams are melted or welded together using high frequency vibrations meaning there are no holes or gaps for bacteria to get into. This helps reduce the spreading of infection.

Whisper Quiet Digital Pump: Static mode, inflates all of the cells in the mattress and keeps them consistently inflated. Alternating
pressure, alternates the inflation and deflation between the cells in an A/B pattern. The “easy-to-use” fully digital pump has very clear weight settings and alternating cycle settings.

Self Sealing: In the unlikely event that a bladder/cell is compromised, simply disconnect & mattress will continue to operate normally

Cell-In-Cell: 50% of body is relieved. Static base to prevent “bottoming out.”


Safe Working Load: 175Kg

Product Codes: MA1130 – Single size, MA1130-KS – King Single size