Paediatric Tilt-in-Space Shower Chair

Paediatric Tilt-in-Space Shower Chair

The Tilt-in-Space range is the perfect choice for those clients who need a little extra support when seated.

Clients with low levels of sitting balance or poor muscle tone are supported by the mesh coverings whilst the 981 Tilt-in-Space version provides a seat suitable for toileting.

Both the chair and cradle are highly adaptable and come with a range of adjustable features to suit the user perfectly. The addition of Paediatric versions to the range ensures that a greater range of clients can be satisfied with an ‘off the shelf’ product, negating the longer lead times and extra costs associated with bespoke items.


  • Safe Working Load: 114kg
  • Product Code: 981TISP


Suitable for use with:
✓ Reduced Muscle Tone ✓ Amputations
✓ Involuntary Movement ✓ Spasm